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The Foreverlasting Rose (White)

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Inspired by the romantic fairytale, our luxury Foreverlasting Rose is encased in a premium glass dome display. Carefully curated and hand crafted, we use only the highest quality roses imported from Ecuador, each rose is lovingly grown and only plucked when it has reached its prime. Then using a Parisian technique we specially treat our roses which allows them to remain beautifully soft and maintain its vibrant colour for years to come.The perfect gift for your lover, it is sure to win hearts and inspire you to create a fairy tale of your own.

Our Foreverlasting Rose is 30cms tall and comes with:

◦ Free shipping nationwide Australia 

◦ A complimentary greeting card

◦ Premium glass display dome

◦ Premium single rose that lasts up to 5 years

Enjoy its beauty for 1 year up to 5 years when carefully stored and cared for. 

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We look forward to bringing a touch of romance into your homes.